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Nayantara Love Making Scene

Nayantara Love Making Scene

The MMS clip of Tamil actress Nayantara has cropped up again and again. And strangely these MMS videos crop up just when a movie of the sexy siren is to be released. Last time the sex video clip of Nayantara became wildly popular when the movie Satyam was about to be released. Some call it publicity stunt. But the thing to be noted it that despite the MMS video, the movie bombed at the box office.

Nayantara has often been in controversies. Nayantara became wildly famous in youth when some of her her pictures with actor Simbu were leaked on the internet. In those photos which she was shown smooching Simbu wildly. Later ther broke up.

After sometime an MMS clip rocked the internet. The MMS clip showed Nayantara in a giving blow job to a man. Previously, the man to whom nayantara was giving oral pleasure Simbu himself but it was never confirmed.

Recently same Nayantara MMS clip cropped up again but with a different story. This time folks say that the person in the sex video havin oral sex is not Simbu but Malayalam director Shaji and the clip is from those when Nayantara was not very popular and had to suck him for roles. They had an affair. It is known to everybody that Shahji introduced the sexy siren in Tamil film industry. And there is more to this story. The gossip goes that recently, Shaji had asked Nayantara for dates. But the actress denied and so out of anger, Shaji released the original MMS clip on the web. Moreover, it is also said that Simbu and Nayan split after he saw the sex video of her girl friend Performing fellatio on the Mallu director.

But Nayantara has denied any such affair and said this is just a rumour. According to her this a morphed video clip and nothing more. She also says that her rivals had released this MMS clip to defile her image. Another ide of the story says that the MMS was released by Nayan herself as publicity stunt!