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Namitha Tamil Actress MMS Scandal Dress Changing Video In Caravan

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Namitha Sexy Boobs Show

Namitha Sexy Boobs Show

Some days ago a very hot MMS clip of actress Namitha became popular on the web. A website posted a video of the busty actress changing her clothes in a caravan. The vidoe show busty actress from behind. Her back is nude and she is wearing only a panty. After a while she turns around. As the actress is topless her full sized twin assets come into the view. The nude video was soon removed from the website while people searched for it frantically and somebody posted a clip from the actual movie in which there was a dress changing scene of the actress. When Namitha was told about the incident, she was surprised and said this was a morphed video. But some websites reported her saying that she did not remember when she changed her dress in a caravan and she will inquire about the whole thing. This is not the first MMS about this actress. Some years ago there was another sex video of this actress. We will talk about that in another post.

Caravan is a kind of makeshift staying arrangement which allows the film stars to rest in between their busy schedules. And some say that the reason caravans is provided because more and more incidence of MMS scandals kept cropping up time to time because of hidden cameras being planted in to room of actresses which recorded their intimate moments.

One thing that this MMS scandal proved is that Google was not wrong when it declared Namitha the most searched actress on the web. The busty actress is wldly popular in south India and has debuked all the myths of size zero being sexy. Recently in an interview Namitha told that she liked her butt and considered them her most beautiful assets. The popularity of this over sized actress can be judged from the fact that her fans are bent on building a temple in her name where she will be worshiped as goddess. This is the highest respect one can get.


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